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Data Rocks believe that having a steady stream of targeted and receptive leads is critical to the success and growth of all sales teams, that’s why we provide our clients with quality leads that can be developed immediately.

All our leads are generated through telemarketing or online campaigns. The leads we produce are collected on a daily basis so they’re fresh and will not have been called by all your competitors.

We’ll work with you to develop campaigns and qualifying questions that find the right target audience for your business, supplying you with consumers that are in-market for your products or services and confirmed they want to speak to one of your advisors.

Our lead generation techniques are designed ‘to bring the horse to water’ to save you the time and effort of going through the qualifying process so you can concentrate on what you do best – selling.


Data Rocks work on a cost per lead basis for all our leads, this means that you only pay for the leads you receive.

We’re so confident in the leads we supply we’ll replace any lead like-for-like if it’s found the prospect has not taken part in our marketing or if the contact information is not accurate.


All the leads we supply will included full contact details, two contact numbers where possible, the time and date stamp of the original call and the prospect’s preferred time to call.

The leads can be supplied with age, marital status, residential status, employment status and income. All leads are delivered in real-time and can be fed via API into your CRM if you wish.

For more information about our lead gen techniques then call 020 3794 6260