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Based in Cambridge and with offices in Harlow, Manila and Delhi, Data Rocks provides business to consumer lead generation services nationwide. Our clients include national newspapers, leading energy firms, broadband providers and global charities amongst many other well-known organisations and agencies.

Our 40-seat capacity call centre in Harlow has been open since January 2014. Here we complete thousands of voice qualified lifestyle questionnaires every week and collate consumer interest in up to 80 different verticals.

Alongside consumer surveys we generate web leads, hot keys, appointments and we manage sales campaigns. Specifically, we have experience in selling both B2C and B2B telecoms, energy switching, collecting pension LOAs and generating qualified investment leads.



Our approach to lead generation is simple; to produce and supply our customers with the most accurate and targeted data whilst remaining cost effective at all times. We manage to combine both quality and quantity in our lead production via the scale of our telemarketing teams. In doing so we can offer freshly collected survey leads from a few pence to a few pounds.

We supply leads at these prices because firstly our data converts and secondly we understand our customer’s need to maximise their marketing budget. We’d rather have you coming back for more and benefit from long-term business.

This is why we are generous about replacing leads. We’re aware that not everything can be right all the time that’s we’ll replace leads like-for-like if there’s been a fault in the collection process.